A group of international researchers created a robot water-meter


During the experiment

As you know, water meter – an insect 2 cm long and weighing about 68 mg – has a unique ability to move and jump on the surface of the water without bursts. This prompted a group of international scientists led by professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Seoul University Keuchin Cho to create her robotic version.

“I’m just fascinated,” he does not hide his admiration, “like a water meter jumping in the water. My colleagues and I decided at all costs to reproduce in this mechanism this unique mode of movement. “

Robot-water meter and its living prototype

During the study it was found that at the time of the jump the long legs of the water meter are accelerated gradually, so that the surface of the water does not recede immediately and does not lose contact with them. Scientists have suggested that the maximum force of the insect’s legs is always slightly below the force of the water’s tension, so the water meter does not sink.

In the robot water meter for repulsion, a reversal mechanism was used. Moreover, the repulsive force increases gradually, without exceeding the force of the water surface tension. When shooting with a high-speed camera it is evident that at the moment of the push to increase the force of the jogging impulse the water meter bends the legs inwards.

The experiments showed that if the surface of the water is not disturbed, then it is able to withstand the weight of 16 robot water meters, for which the water becomes as strong as the land.

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