BCB has developed a life-saving bulletproof vest


Body armor BCB

Imagine the situation that you, being on a ship under the fire of an enemy, had time to put on a body armor, but by chance happened to be overboard, and here it seems impossible – the bulletproof vest turns into a rescue suit.

In fact, there is nothing surprising in this. It’s about another novelty of the company VSV International, specializing in the development of survival tools in an extreme environment.

Inflatable bulletproof vest is manufactured using Fats technology. The armored part is made according to the standards NIJ 0101, 06 IIIA with bulletproof elements in front and behind. The “inflatable” part is located below them. Filling of air tanks is made from cylinders filled with carbon dioxide, driven automatically or manually when a person enters the water.

Body armor BCB

Vest is made of light nylon with polyurethane coating based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Due to this, armor plates have high strength combined with ease. By the way, the “inflatable” part of the bulletproof vest can be unfastened, if it is not necessary.

The product is intended for maritime law enforcement structures, Coast Guard and Navy personnel. The cost of body armor, presented recently at the International Exhibition Seawork, 1550 dollars.

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