The robot-surgeon “Da Vinci” is able to remove the cancer tumor in the “four hands”


Da Vinci's robot

In the UK, a robotic surgeon, Da Vinci, has been developed and used by the National Health Service (NHS) to treat prostate and lung cancer. On the third day after the operation, the patient can go home, experiencing minimal pain.

The robot in the operation completes the doctor, working with a video camera and a manipulator, equipped with a joystick and a special pedal. Four hydraulic limbs perform various actions, combining the capabilities of man and machine.

A robotic surgeon finds and removes tumors without subjecting the patient’s ribs to mechanical action, which in normal operations causes pain.

Da Vinci's robot

Two years ago, the Newcastle Hospital Trust acquired two robots for £ 1.2 million, which allowed hospital specialists to conduct a series of successful surgical operations in patients with prostate, liver, larynx, female organs, and also patients with colorectal cancer.

Its name was given to a unique device in honor of the greatest artist and engineer of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci, who predicted the appearance of robots more than 500 years ago .

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