Stratolaunch – the largest aircraft in the world will be a flying cosmodrome


Flying cosmodrome

As it became known, the largest aircraft in the world – Stratolaunch will make its first test flight in the next year. Currently, it is being completed at the cosmodrome in Mojave (California). 72-meter machine has a wingspan of 117 meters, that is, being, for example, on a football field, its wings will go beyond the goal line by almost 4 meters. The weight of the liner is more than 544 tons, the maximum speed is 850 km / h.

Stratolaunch is a flying cosmodrome, from which, at an altitude of about 10 kilometers, the space shuttle Dream Chaser will launch, delivering astronauts into orbit and returning them to Earth. Rise to the sky, this giant will be using six turbojet engines, currently used on Boeing 747.

Dream Chaser Space ShuttleDream Chaser Space Shuttle

Air start will help to save tens of tons of fuel, which will replace it with a useful cargo. The creation of Stratolaunch is handled by the private company Allen’s Vulcan Aerospace, owned by billionaire Chuck Beams. This is the first mega-project for the creation of space systems, financed from private sources. Chuck Beams clarified:

Stratolaunch is capable of launching in various places, delivering astronauts and useful cargoes into orbit at the request of the customer. For safety reasons, launches will be made away from populated areas.

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