The Russian Soyuz-5.1 missile will compete with the American Falcon


Launch of the Falcon missile

One of the important indicators of the effectiveness of the launch vehicle is the cost of launching it. Unfortunately, many of our space “veterans” recently began to give in to their younger and modern foreign competitors in this indicator.

So, one of the main competitors – the American Falcon rocket, manufactured by Space X, will start for just $ 60 million. The Russian response will be the Soyuz-5.1 rocket, which is developed exclusively on the initiative of the Progress Collective of the RCC.

As promises deputy. chief designer Dmitry Baranov, the novelty will meet the following requirements: carrying capacity – more than 9 tons, reliability – no worse than the predecessor of the Soyuz-2.1 missile and the launch price – within $ 50 million. The “set” will include the “Fregat” upper stage, launches will be carried out from the “Vostochny” cosmodrome.

Union Rocket 5.1

The new rocket will fly on natural gas and will later become a replacement for the Angara. On the basis of “Union-5.1” it is planned to develop a whole series of carriers of various classes.

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