How to turn a smartphone into a 3D projector in ten minutes?


Hologram own hands

For the first time, we saw holographic projectors in fantasy films, but today they have become a reality, however, it is not affordable for all because of its high cost.

Recently, YouTube has a video about how from pieces of the old box from the CD, glued together with an adhesive tape in the form of a pyramid, and a smartphone, you can literally in a few minutes build a compact 3D projector.

In the beginning, you should arm yourself with a sheet of paper, a pen and a ruler, and use them to draw the sides of a trapezoid measuring 1 x 3.5 x 6 cm. Using a paper template, a sharp knife or a glass cutter, you can start making the pyramid itself from an old CD case .

The cut details are glued together with adhesive tape. The manufactured pyramid should be installed on the smartphone’s display and run a special video from YouTube. To obtain an image, you need to provide a perfect 360 degree view. The sides of the pyramid, made from the box from the CD, will provide a projection image from the display.

As a result, your eye will be exposed to an object hanging in the air, like full-fledged holographic projectors.

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