Samara students tested a nanosatellite controlled by a call from the Earth


SamSat-218 satellite

Nanosatellite “SamSat-218” was developed and created by the students of the Samara Aerospace State University. To date, its verification tests on the shaker stand have been completed.

One of its main features is the possibility of monitoring by calling from a mobile device. The nanosatellite itself is part of the “Contact” complex, also managed from mobile terminals, thanks to the GlobStar satellite communication system. Sending “mobile” calls to the spacecraft, the participants in the scientific experiment will be able to obtain full telemetry about the state of the satellite in orbit.

Satellite TestsSatellite Tests

The second half of the “Contact” complex will be located on another aircraft – “Aist-2”, which has already been tested and transferred to the RCC “Progress”. Launch of both satellites will be the beginning of the operation of the Russian space new building – the cosmodrome “Vostochny”.

According to Igor Belokonov, who heads this project, the use of mobile devices as a control system is a technology that has great prospects for the development of scientific, educational and commercial space groupings of new- generation satellites .

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