The fever of Ebola is defeated


Ebola virus

The trials in Guinea since March 2015 of a vaccine against Ebola fever were completed with complete success. The drug with the working title rVSV-ZEBOV was developed by the specialists of the Canadian public health agency with the financial support of the American and Canadian governments. Invaluable research assistance was provided by Professor Donald Henderson of the Johns Hopkins University, known for developing a ring vaccination strategy for eradicating smallpox.

The received positive results of efficiency and safety of a vaccine allow to recommend its application for children from 13-17 years, and it is possible and with 6-12 years. Clinical trials were conducted in 90 foci of the disease. In 48 of them, vaccination was carried out immediately after the diagnosis of fever, and in 42 – after 21 days. In the first group, no one fell ill, and the second fever was diagnosed in 16 people. In total, 7651 volunteers participated in the testing.

At this stage, the World Health Organization plans to use the vaccine to eliminate foci of infection, and not for preventive vaccinations. Caution in use is due to the fact that during the tests there was no placebo effect, which could slightly overestimate the effectiveness of rVSV-ZEBOV.

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