Thermosensitive paint turns Lamborghini into a chameleon


Lamborghini chameleon

In action-packed films, heroes endowed with phenomenal power tend to turn out to be externally ordinary people. This fully applies to one of the latest models of the Lamborghini Gallardo, which the German designer and artist René Tureck covered with a special thermochromatic paint that is sensitive to temperature changes.

It is enough to turn the body of warm water, as there is a miraculous transformation in the eyes – the image of Captain America, a popular character from comic books, appears.

Lamborghini chameleon

A portion of cold water returns everything to its original state – the body gets the usual coloring. The whole secret in a special pigment, which becomes colorless when heated, exposing the base layer of paint. However, like the T-shirt hypercolor, thermochromatic paint is very sensitive to sunlight, so these cars should be kept in a dark garage.

Rene Turek began at the time, as an artist specializing in graffiti, but gradually moved on to decorating more expensive things. Thermochromatic paint is quite expensive – it will cost the owner of a car $ 400 to apply 0.57 liters. Painting the whole machine will pull by thousands of dollars.

There are two types of thermochromic pigments – in the form of liquid crystals and leuco dyes. The reactive element is either dissolved in water, or in a special solvent. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to evenly distribute the paint throughout the body surface .

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